Transport Cleaning Services Sydney

Professional Cleaning Services for Public Transport Businesses

Professional Cleaning Services for Public Transport Businesses

RD Facilities Management specialises in rendering professional cleaning services to public transport businesses. We provide cleaning, sanitisation, and deep cleaning services for frequently used areas in public transport hubs, such as railway stations, bus stops and bus terminals, airports etc.

We Specialise In Cleaning A Range of Transport Businesses Including:

  • Transport for NSW
  • Point to Point Transport Commissioner
  • Transport Sydney Train
  • Transportation Hubs, including Railway Stations, Bus Stops etc.

Our Cleaning Services For Various Transport Businesses

Sydney Trains & Other Railway Stations

We provide cleaning and deep cleaning services for metro trains and other regular train station platforms, stairways, walls around the stairways/ platforms, sitting benches, etc., thus, providing clean, hygienic and safe areas for passengers.

Bus Stops & Bus Terminals

We offer cleaning and deep cleaning services for platforms, sitting benches, side walls, or hard surfaces in the bus terminals and bus stops, thus, rendering passengers clean, hygienic and safe areas.


We render cleaning and deep cleaning services for the floors, desks, sitting areas, stairways, escalator stairs, handrails, etc., providing a clean, sanitary and safe environment for the passengers.

Other Public Transportation Hubs

We provide cleaning and deep cleaning services for other public transportation hubs to provide passengers with neat, hygienic and safe surroundings.

Point-to-Point Transport

We offer point-to-point transport vehicle cleaning and sanitisation services to help restrict the spread of Coronavirus, keeping drivers and passengers safe.

General Vehicle Cleaning

We fully clean the interiors of metro trains, buses etc., including all the seats, hand grabs, driver dashboards, windows, glass and floors.

Looking for professional transport cleaning services in Sydney?

Professional Cleaning for Public Transport Hubs

Professional Cleaning for Public Transport Hubs

RD Facilities Management provides distinctive transport hub cleaning and maintenance services in Sydney. We will work with you to provide a comprehensive cleaning service tailored around your operation, providing minimum interruption and facilitating the smooth functioning of your business. RD Facilities Management will make sure that your staff and passengers get the utmost protection against the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Whether you want a neat and clean waiting room for your passengers or a pristine working environment for your employees, RD Facilities Management’s expert team will provide professional cleaning services with deep cleaning.

Need professional cleaning services for your transport business? Call RD Facilities Management on 1800 507 552 and speak to our friendly team today.

Our Transport Cleaning Services Include

Our Transport Cleaning Services Include:

  • We provide complete transport cleaning solutions that include a deep cleaning of all the seats, hand grabs, handrails, window ledges, key-card readers, floors, driver dashboards and driver cabins of the vehicles. We deliver a superior quality clean every time and safeguard your passengers.

  • We gather waste, removing rubbish, change bin liners, clean foot pedals and armrests, mop the floors and spot clean the windows.

  • We steam clean and deodorise all the fabric seats. Using approved TGA antimicrobial disinfectant, our expert team sanitises all major touch points to guarantee both the public and transport team are in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

  • As germs and bacteria live on every surface, it’s hard to identify what is transmitted, so we pay extra attention to those areas where infection can breed. Also, we remove graffiti every night, as it needs to look clean.

Our Public Transport Cleaning Includes Sanitisation Services

Our Public Transport Cleaning Includes Sanitisation Services

Due to the breakout of the global pandemic, there is no scope for any error regarding hygiene. As many people across Sydney use public transport hubs daily, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness is vital to fight the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. RD Facilities Management aims to provide a hygienic and safe environment for passengers on every commute. Our professional cleaning services will ensure that your transport facilities, platforms, stairways, walls, parking area etc., are immaculate, sanitary and safe because we know how vital this is to you, your staff and your passengers. It is paramount to make the passengers feel comfortable and safe on your premises to build trust and journey satisfaction – this is where RD Facilities Management’s professional cleaning services can come to the rescue.

COVID Safe Cleaning Is The New Norm for Transport

COVID Safe Cleaning Is The New Norm for Transport

RD Facilities Management has a team of professional cleaners who have undergone the COVID-19 cleaning and infection control training offered by the Australian Governments Health Department. Our goal is to provide closely managed and superior quality COVID safe transport cleaning services at cost-effective prices. It is vital to clean before disinfecting; else, organic matter and dirt can curtail the ability of disinfectants to kill germs. We use approved disinfectants only that kill coronavirus germs that stay on surfaces. After a standard cleaning, disinfection lowers the risk of infection spreading further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for professional cleaning for a public transport hub such as a Sydney train station, bus terminal etc., will depend on the area involved and the type of cleanings required, such as standard professional cleaning, deep cleaning or a blend of both. If you need a precise quote, please fill out our ‘Request a Free Quote’ website form, and we’ll get back to you.

Yes, disinfection and sanitisation services can be included as part of professional cleaning services, regardless of the type of cleaning service you select. Just request we will get you a customised package.

We offer cleaning services for public transport businesses in Sydney and nearby locations. If you need more information, call RD Facilities Management on 1800 507 552, and we will be happy to assist you.

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