Alpesh Prajapati

Alpesh Prajapati


My name is Alpesh Prajapati. I am the principal owner and founder of RD Facilities Management, and I came to Australia in 2004 as a student. However, the initial days in Sydney were challenging and demoralising, as I was not fluent in the English language. But I did not let the disappointments affect my desire to succeed.

While working at a petrol station, I realised the lucrativeness of strata cleaning as a business venture and decided to start one independently. I started my business with a minimum capital of AUD 1,500. Today my company turnover is more than AUD 5.5 million.

During the early days, I started out cleaning on my own with one van and limited equipment. Today, I own several Vans, an office in Seven Hills, and a cleaning business covering over 250 strata properties.

“Today, I am a successful businessperson, something I have never thought would be a possibility 16 years ago.”

I named my business RD Facilities Management after my grandfather Ramaji Devaji, who is an inspiration. My company covers everything from Government, Strata, and Commercial cleaning to gardening, soft landscaping, fire, security, and pest control services.

I enjoy reading books and playing cricket when there is time. I attribute my work ethics to my father, who had always said that with honesty and consistency, one could never fail.

My business success consists of taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving my subordinates credit for everything that goes well.

Alpesh Believes In
“Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently.”

Alpesh Prajapati
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